A New Phase

My Trip to Oz

I’ve recently started attending a programming bootcamp. We are approaching our 6th week of the 12 week program. The RockIt Bootcamp in Phoenix Arizona is training us to be front end web developers. We are learning HTML 5, CSS3, PHP, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery and a bunch of supporting applications. I’m living a dream. I never thought I could learn to program. After years of trying to teach myself and hitting brick walls, I’m finally learning. I was able to teach myself HTML and CSS, but programming languages have always been hard for me. I just assumed I wasn’t programming material. While I’m still not sure, I’m blown away at what I have been able to do. I’m not the typical bootcamp student, if there is such a thing. I’m married and a mom, so coming home and going straight to my room and studying is not an option. Being a wife and mother isn’ an excuse either. I really want to learn this stuff. I find it magical and it’s great to finally be peaking behind the curtain. This blog is a requirement so I’ll be writing more in the next few weeks. You’re more than welcome to follow me on my journey.

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