It Is What It Is

I’m talking about the process. A lot of us get stuck at the bootcamp. We get stuck trying to understand concepts, we get stuck when called on in class, we even get stuck in traffic. This past week a few of us got stuck trying to understand our project. We spent a lot of time commiserating with each other over how stuck we were and what had us stuck. Needless to say, the discussion itself didn’t get us any closer to finishing. We spent way too much time talking about it and not working on it. After all, when it came down to it, we did know what we were ultimately being asked to do. We’ve also been given the skills to do it and the instructors are there to help, so sitting around and commiserating didn’t do anything but waste time. Rather than continuing to mull over my stuckness (and wasting time), I’m going to try and just get what I can get done… done. That usually ends up being more than I think. One step usually leads to another. So I guess it’s time to get to steppin’.

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